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Use the calculator below the show the amount of profit that can be generated by adding the facility of a safe for your residents.

Enter amount of letting rooms your hotel has :

What you would charge per night for the use of a safe :

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1. What is the purpose of the Plan?
· To promote the paid room safe market in the UK.
· To generate a valuable secondary income for accommodation owners
· To provide guests with a valuable extra service
· To increase sales of our safes

2. How does the plan work
· We provide you with a quotation for the number of safes you require
· Subject to you agreeing the price we supply and fit the safes with no outlay to yourselves under a flexible rental agreement
· You pass the initial rentals from the safes on to us on a monthly basis
· Once the agreed figure has been reached we transfer ownership of the safes to you
· You acquire a valuable asset which has paid for itself

3. Are there any up front charges?

4. What if I find that my guests are not using the safes?
Just give us four weeks notice and we will cancel the rental agreement and come and un-install the safes at no cost to yourselves.

5. Is there a minimum monthly rental payment?
Unfortunately we do have to make a small minimum rental charge each month to cover our administration costs and stop the scheme being abused. This cost will vary depending on how many safes you have and shown separately on your quotation.

6. What stops me paying the minimum payment even if the safes are generating more income each month?
The safes are fitted with an audit trail system which enables us to check how often they are used. Obviously the quicker you pay the rental figure the quicker you will own the safe.

7. What if we come to the end of the rental period and the safes have not paid for themselves?
We can then either un-install the safes or you have the option to make up the shortfall yourselves. Obviously this decision will depend on how much the safes have been of benefit to you.

8. Are there any maintenance costs?
The only maintenance costs you incur are if you need to change standard AA batteries, the life of which is dependant on the usage of the safes, but normally last over 12 months in an average hotel.

9. What about fire, theft and damage?
We would ask you to insure that the safes are covered by your own insurance. Returned safes with normal wear and tear are accepted. There may be a charge for damaged safes, depending on individual circumstances.

10. What is the next step?
Please give us a call and we will get a demonstration safe to you for you to evaluate in your own time.

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